A Brief Aside

(or how to fill up space without really trying)


Everyone in this band has a story to tell. You have a story to tell. As time goes on the stories get longer and more interesting. Oh and there are so many many people associated with this band that to try to list all of them and tell you about them would be a long and arduous task.  And then there's the matter of interpretation and editing and formatting and perhaps a picture or two and oh yeah those fancy graphic thingy's that web sites do. You'll have none of that here. None of it!


Instead you're going to get a brief composite of the members of the band by the members of the band.


So here's the deal, when everyone in the band has emailed a draft of what they want their bio to say, I'll post it, after checking for presicion in both grammar and spelling of course. Until then you're welcome to read this brief stream of consciousness. Thank you.